Students in pursuit of justice
through a united community.

Whether a student, community member, or someone interested in the Justice House goal, we have a need and a service for you.

Through a living and learning community
built on the pursuit of justice...

we shed light on the meaning and goal of justice and our part in creating a unified community. Through a select group of students, we hone in on the shared passion for social justice, legal advocacy, and the Earth and the environment to aid and find solutions to the injustice that affects our communities and the world around us.

Students Discuss Climate ChangeDuring Daylong Simulation

Legal Advocacy

Together, we dismantle issues at the base level and create a sturdy foundation for the future.

Justice House Advisors

Social Justice

Together, we fight for justice and evoke change.

Jillian Hanesworth with students

Earth and Environment

Together, we work to maintain our world and repair the damage.

The Justice House Experience

Our program offers a range of opportunities, including scholarships, paid internships, stipends for participating in our vibrant living and learning community, as well as housing for students interested. We offer a major and a minor in justice studies and participation in the Justice House Honor Society.

We foster student-led initiatives that support their individual interests and contribute to the pursuit of justice in various areas.